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Arduino HMI


  1. Use Arduino module as the main control board for controlling the I/O functions and show I/O status on Ubique Panel

  2. Ubique Panel serves as the HMI that communicates with the Arduino module with the predfined protocol. Users can accomplish this without writing any code in Ubique Panel.


  1. ADE: Please download from IOT Website

  2. Arduino IDE: Please download from Arduino Website

Step 1 : Download IOTBinary Protocol

  1. Please go to IOT Github

  2. Download the ZIP file

  3. Please follow the instructions described in

Step 2 : Open Arduino IDE

  1. Please create a folder and name it demobox_arduino.

  2. Please unzip the downloaded ZIP file from Githbub.

  3. Please copy IOTBinaryProtocol.cpp and IOTBinaryProtocol.h of src directory to demobox_arduino.

  4. Please copy demobox_arduino.ino of examples directory to demobox_arduino.

  5. Please open demobox_arduino.ino of folder demobox_arduino in Arduino IDE.

  6. Please choose Arduino Nano

  7. Use USB Type A to USB mini connector to connect Arduino Nano with your PC. Please make sure you choose the right processor and serial port.

    • Please choose the right processor for your NANO module. Please refer to Arduino Website for details.

    • If you cannot find the serial port, Please visit ftdichip and download FT232 USB UART Driver.

  8. Pleae click arrow ⇨ to download Arduino program.

  9. Please disconnet the USB cable between the Arduino module and your PC.

Step 3 : Open ADE

  1. In ADE, please open demobox.epgz in the examples > ade folder.

  2. Conneect Ubique Panel power cable.

  3. Switch on power.

  4. Use USB cabel to connect your PC with Ubique Panel.

  5. Please click ⇩ for downloading the ADE Design to Ubique Panel.

  6. Disconnect the USB cable between Ubique Panel and your PC.

Step 4 : Connect Arduino module and Ubique Panel

  1. Please use DuPont Line to connect the Arduino with Ubique Panel

    • ARDUINO NANO module needs a separate and independent power supply.

    • The connector pitch of Ubique Panel is 2.0mm.